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HelloFresh Employees' Open Salary Initiative 2022

This initiative is employee-led. We are inspired by our colleagues at Zalando, who have been sharing their salaries with each other for years. Labor laws in the EU (including Germany and the UK), US and Canada protect your right to discuss your salary! For example, see this court decision:
How does it work?
Step 1. You fill out this form - it only takes a few minutes.
Step 2. We verify the information you entered, and contact you if we have any questions.
Step 3. We email you a link to a spreadsheet that includes all of the details that you and your colleagues have entered (other than your personal email). Since we verify each entry manually, it might take up to a week until we can send you the link.

The spreadsheet will be shared with your work email address. This way we can make sure that only current employees have access to the data.
If a colleague wants access to this information, ask them to fill out the form first, same as you did, no shortcuts. This only works if people participate. Please don't share outside of HelloFresh, but do share with as many colleagues as possible!

Join 440+ colleagues who have shared their salaries!
1. Why fill out this form?
HelloFresh is notoriously secretive when it comes to compensation. Even though the salary bands for most job positions were revised in 2021, you're probably still wondering what that means for you. Knowing what other people at the company are paid for similar work helps bridge the information gap between you and HelloFresh, which is especially useful in salary negotiations. The data we gather here will also be useful in highlighting any structural unfairness (e.g. between the genders).
2. What is the goal of this Initiative?
Our ultimate goal is to help convince senior leadership to be more transparent about the decisions they make around employee compensation. A good step in that direction would be making the salary bands available to all employees.
3. Is the data I put in anonymous?
No. Anonymized data is already available on sites like Glassdoor. The data you input here (apart from your personal email and comments) will be shared with every employee, as long as they fill out the form first.

4. I have more questions — how can I reach you?

We'd love to hear feedback from fellow colleagues. You can reach us at [email protected] or use the comment section at the end of the form.